Benefits of The Dolphin Dome

Benefits to the user both institution and end user

Dolphin Therapy Programs with live dolphins is a very expensive affair and in most cases operated in a very commercially driven environment. As such this commercial environment, along with the imprisonment of a free spirited Oceanic mammal negates the effectiveness of the therapy.

Even when attending swim programs where wild dolphins are used, these programs can be very hectic, fast, high energy affairs that require rapid deployment and recovery from the water in order to follow the dolphins. As such; providing an experience that is far removed from being calming & therapeutic.

In the majority of cases, this experience is often a once in a lifetime experience as it is rarely repeated and certainly never on a daily or weekly basis due to the prohibitive high cost of attending such a program.

The human body does not have the ability to memorise physical sensations. As such, a live Dolphin Therapy program that is not experienced on a regular basis by the individual will, in the majority of cases become a rapidly fading memory of an experience once had.
Within 28 days of departing the therapy program, it will seem to the user as though it never took place. Thus rapidly negating and loosing any benefit which may have been gained.

The Dolphin Dome experience however can offer:

Dolphin Assisted Therapy at no cost to the user
Bullet A therapy that can be provided to all of your clients, pupils and importantly staff
Bullet An experience that can be achieved on a regular basis over the long term, thus providing long term benefit to all
Bullet A totally calm, relaxed & unhurried thoroughly enjoyable uninterrupted experience
Bullet Unlike live Dolphin Therapy sessions, the Dolphin Dome can be enjoyed by anyone & everyone; regardless of their physical disability
Bullet The session can be for as long or as short as the user wants it to be. There is no time constraint as is found with commercially driven programs
Bullet A facility that provides educational content options & capability
Bullet A facility that provides interactive escapism
Bullet Easy access and egress within the module
Bullet A totally dry environment & experience
Bullet Can be either an individual or shared experience
Bullet An experience  that does not place extra pressures, stresses or responsibilities on staff members unlike when escorting a child on a live Dolphin Therapy program
Bullet After the initial purchase cost there are no additional operating cost to providing therapy sessions in the Dome.
Bullet The Dolphin Dome can be used by staff with the minimalist of instruction
Bullet No more financial pressures placed on parents in order to give their children Dolphin Assisted Therapy
Bullet It is an environmentally friendly & human way of providing Dolphin Assisted Therapy





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