Build Specifications & Standards

The Dolphin dome carries the CE mark. The Dolphin Dome has been built in accordance with Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament & Council & BS EN 971 of the UK DTI.  The Dolphin Dome artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module is a new & unique concept and therefore there has been no precedent set for Standards Classification.

As such after discussions with the office of the Health & Safety Executive, it was decided that these Directives best met the criteria requirements of the application of the Dolphin Dome.

The Dolphin Dome has been designed and built to not only meet these Directives but to exceed them.

The Dolphin Dome has been designed in such a way that full frontal opening of the entrance can be achieved quickly with ease, and I should point out that this can also be achieved by an adult from within the Dome. This was done for two reasons:

  1. To allow easy access for the more severely disabled patient who cannot otherwise enter through the archway tunnel.


  1. So that in the event of an emergency regardless of what that might be for example: a fire alarm in the building, rapid access can be gained to the patent in order to effect a quick and safe extraction.

The archway tunnel entrance has been built and sized so as to allow a large adult to enter and exit the dome without the need to remove the front panels.

The front and back panels are of a stained glass window effect so as to allow supervising staff to be able to see the user without actually disturbing their enjoyment of the Dome experience. The Dome is also well ventilated to prevent CO2 build up or excessive heat being created inside.

Both the stained glass window feature and the large top opening also helps to alleviate potential claustrophobia symptoms for those users who are not usually comfortable with such spaces.





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