George is 17 Years old and has cerebral palsy. George has good cognitive capability and full speech. After his first session in the Dolphin Dome George made some interesting comments on how much he enjoyed the experience, and on his way back to the classroom he said something which his teaching assistant thought was worth noting, this was that George had said:

Quote "When it's our birthday's it would be really good if instead of cake and jelly as a special treat if we could have a session in the Dolphin Dome instead!"

Friday 21 an 2011: After George's last session in the Dolphin Dome George wrote the following:

"When I am in the Dome it makes me feel very relaxed and I can unwind and switch off. I like the screens with the dolphins on it. The music chills you out. When you are in it you can't hear any other noises in the room. You feel like you are really with the Dolphins".


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