Louise's Story

Louise is a teaching assistant here at Frederick Holmes School; Louise suffers from Addison's disease and a condition called Myalgic Encephalopathy or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), also sometimes known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is a condition whose predominant symptoms are of severe and persistent physical and mental fatigue and malaise that are unrelated to exertion, yet not substantially relieved by rest. Very little is known about the condition or what triggers it in a previously fit and active person. Very little is known about how best to treat this condition, yet according to National Health Authority figures, an estimated 1 million Americans and ¼ million people in the UK suffer from this condition.
Louise has a very special story and I think it is best if it is written in her own words.

"I suffer from M.E. and my fatigue levels are quite high all of the time. The two times I have been in the Dolphin Dome, my fatigue levels have dropped whilst in there and have remained low for about an hour afterwards"

It would appear that the session in the Dolphin Dome left Louise very relaxed, a sensation, which would appear to have displaced all be it only temporarily, the cause of her fatigue & malaise.

Louise was so taken with her experience in the Dolphin Dome that she told her friends at Chronic Fatigue Centre at the Seacroft Hospital in Leeds. As an organisation who specialise in providing support for sufferers of M.E. they have become very interested in the Dolphin Dome. For they see the Dolphin Dome as possibly being a drug free form of therapy or treatment that could provide at least a temporary relief to sufferers of this condition. A therapy or treatment that could easily be made available to all on a regular and long term basis.

Louise was also issued with a pair of Video eye glasses and a DVD of Dreaming of Dolphins for use at home. The video eyeglasses provide the user with an audio visual experience that visually isolates them from their immediate surroundings so that all they can see is what is shown on the screens of these special glasses, which is the equivalent of viewing a 62" (157cm) large screen TV. The staff at Frederick Holmes School affectionately refer to the video eye wear as "the Magic Glasses"

What followed is best written in her own words:

"As I have said before, I am an adult with M.E, Addison's disease and Reactive Hypoglycaemia, which amongst other things causes very high fatigue levels. I decided to watch the DVD on a Friday evening after a week at work. This is because by the time I arrive home I am experiencing extremely high fatigue levels and muscle pain. I am photophobic and have little energy to do anything including feeding myself. I am unable to be in a room with any form of visual stimulus, i.e. lights, TV etc.

So I was very surprised when I could watch the DVD, and then felt very relaxed. That evening I was able to stay up for two hours longer than I would normally have been able to and the next morning I woke up before my alarm went off. This was the first time I had experienced this in three years. I watched the DVD at intervals over the weekend and was able to better manage my energy levels."

Louise is going to introduce Dreaming of Dolphins and the video eye glasses to the staff from the Chronic Fatigue Centre so that they can perform independent trials for themselves.

Frederick Holmes School is also very keen for staff from the Chronic Fatigue Centre to come along to the school and use the Dolphin Dome as part of a trials program so as to ascertain if there could be a long term benefit to sufferers of M.E who have regular therapy sessions in the Dolphin Dome.





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