Existing Therapy programs with captive & wild dolphins

Existing Programs

"Where Free Dolphins Live"

Unfortunately, commercial enterprise latched onto this and went down the route of capturing wild dolphins and holding them captive in tank enclosures in order to capitalise on the new market of Dolphin Assisted Therapy.
On a typical one week Dolphin Therapy session, the patient will only actually receive on average one 15-20 minute session per day with the dolphin. The remainder of the time will be spent doing other therapy programs which they could easily and normally do at home without the upheaval of travel, long haul flights or the distress of being in a strange place or a strange environment with strange people.
These programs are in the majority of cases commercially driven and operated and generally, they are not a leisurely experience. Even where wild dolphin programs are being operated, I have experienced it as being a very hectic, frantic affair that was totally unsuitable for those vulnerable people who were there for therapeutic purpose.
There are also those who abuse and pray upon the emotions of the parents of whom have family members with special needs, exploiting those with vulnerable families and the public’s sympathy for both people with special needs and for their compassion for dolphins.




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