Independent Trials and evaluation

The Dolphin Dome along with two other forms of providing Artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy was conceived, designed, developed and built by Paul Obernay.  Paul believed that with modern technology, the correct environment and the correct content an artificial environment could be created to achieve the desired stimulus and effect. A stimulus and effect that could regularly be repeated over the long term.

However, Paul realised from the very outset that generally people are very sceptical of ‘new things’ and by Paul’s way of thinking, rightly so. For all too often in Paul’s experience untried, unproven ‘new things’ would be released into the public domain making far reaching claims that they could not deliver upon.

Also, Paul was very aware that artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy would come under close scrutiny and be open to potentially aggressive derision and condemnation by all organisations and companies who provide Dolphin Therapy programs with live captive or semi captive dolphins. For if it should be proven that we can achieve positive results by artificial means then there would no longer be any justification for keeping live dolphins captive for such purposes.

To which, if parents were to see that more beneficial results were being achieved as a result of long term regular exposure to artificial Dolphin therapy sessions, which they were able to get for free. Then they would no longer finance or try to secure finance for their children to be sent on captive dolphin therapy programs. The result of this would make captive dolphin therapy programs no longer financially viable or profitable to operate.

Therefore, before making public the Dolphin Dome and what it could achieve, Paul wanted the Dolphin Dome to undergo independent assessment and evaluation by a respected organisation that had considerable expertise and experience in working with special needs clients with the diverse medical conditions that the Dolphin Dome was primarily aim at.

To this end, the Dolphin Dome was placed in the Frederick Holmes Special Needs School in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire in England. Here the Dolphin Dome has been undergoing evaluation with a tremendous amount of success. This School has also been able to compare experiences with students who have received captive dolphin therapy sessions and the results have been startling.

Frederick Holmes School was so impressed and pleased with the results achieved by the Dolphin Dome that they openly invite other organisations to come to the school to experience the Dolphin Dome and use it for themselves.




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