About The Dolphin Dome

The Dolphin Dome provides artificial dolphin therapy through audio visual media and tactile interactions in an innovative & unique play den enclosure, allowing the child or adult to escape into the virtual world of the dolphin without distraction in a pleasant, relaxing, playful & serene environment. Thus providing all children and adults with dolphin assisted therapy on a regular basis for free, a therapy which now becomes available to all children and adults on a long term basis, all be it artificial.
It is believed that children and adults are more responsive to the therapy because they are in a pleasant environment, for them the world of the dolphin is a happy place. As such they are they are happy, calmer in mind and therefore they pay greater attention to their own therapists' work, they become motivated to complete tasks or other class activities & lessons It also offers them a place of escape where they can relax & forget and drift away into the playful & serene world of the Dolphin. Basically, the Dolphin Dome is where the user finds their happy place. It is this that we are setting out to achieve.
The Dolphin Dome uses various media programmes and animations that encompass a dolphin, whale or aquatic theme. At the heart of the Dolphin Dome experience is the most beautiful film called Dreaming of Dolphins. It is Dreaming of Dolphins that provides the primary therapeutic content. Secondary to this is a stunning interactive program called Endless Oceans.




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