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The Dolphin Dome is the worlds first ever Artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module for both children & adults, which has been purposely designed and built for use in schools, nurseries, clinics, doctors surgeries, health care centres, children’s play groups & children’s play areas etc, it can even be used in the home.
Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) has been used over the last 50 years to assist in the symptomatic emotional treatment of children and adults with various physical & mental illnesses as well as, clinical depressive & emotional disorders.
It has been shown that interactions with dolphins both real and imaginary stimulate the human mind in many ways. A lifting of the spirit and a calming of the mind is almost universal. Some experience unconditional love, often accompanied by the release of suppressed emotions.

In others, the effects are subconscious. The Dolphin Dome now brings the benefits of dolphin encounters in a safe artificial dry environment to countless number of children & adults in both special needs and mainstream facilities. Using modern technology to stimulate and invigorate the human mind in ways never before experienced in one all encompassing compact facility.
Dolphins have been a source of fascination for the human race for thousands of years.
For most people, dolphins evoke the values we humans are striving for, especially unconditional freedom and love.
To the Dolphin alone, beyond all other, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: ‘friendship for no advantage’, a rare attribute, which man has not yet learned to do with any consistency.
Dolphins also exhibit a friendly willingness to co-operate with other earth creatures; there is without doubt something quite impressive and very special about Dolphins.



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