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Tuesday 1st July 2014

Benthic Pelagic Solutions Ltd are proud to announce that they have donated the  Dolphin Dome Artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module 001 to the FiND Charity of Hull. FiND have installed the therapy module in a dedicated room at their FiND 3 premises which are located at Miriam House, The Hourne, Hessle near Hull In East Yorkshire England.

FiND is an English registered Charity (Charity No. 1089877), their name is an acronym for  'Families for Individual Needs and Dignity'.

They specialise in improving the lives of people with a range of learning disabilities including those with autism spectrum condition and complex needs by providing these young people and their families through the provision of high quality day services.

FiND operates in various locations in the East Riding and provides valuable respite support for young people, their families, carers and siblings. 

FiND3 is designed to meet the needs of young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated learning disabilities. Autism is a lifelong disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people and the world around them.

Without the right support it can have a devastating impact on the individual and their families, and FiND's mission is to support families by putting the needs of the individual at the centre.

FiND have agreed to allow access to the Dolphin Dome to 3rd party users and non FiND clients, this will be done at appropriate times to meet the needs of FiND's services users. To find out how you go about this please contact FiND direct.

For further information about the FiND Charity what they do, the services that they provide and how to contact them visit www.findcharity.org.uk

To find out more about Benthic Pelagic Solutions Ltd please visit www.benthicpelagic.com

Paul Obernay
M.D. Benthic Pelagic Solutions Ltd
Architect of the Dolphin Dome

Tuesday 12th July 2012

Dolphin Dome Back in East Yorkshire

The Dolphin Dome is once again back in East Yorkshire. It is now located in the sensory therapy room at the Fun Run children’s indoor play centre off of Rawcliffe Road in Goole DN14 6TY. Sessions in the Dolphin Dome are being made available to anyone who may benefit from it free of charge. If you would like to book a sensory therapy session in the Dolphin Dome then please contact the Fun Run on Tel: 01405 780700.

5th November 2011

Attention from the USA

The Dolphin Dome receives enquiries from the United States after being referenced to in the ' Pediatric Nursing Journal'  a medical industry periodical of Jannetti Publication's Inc. It can be found in their May/Jun2011, Vol. 37 Issue 3 as part of a 2 page editorial by the Journals editor Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN.
The editorial is titled 'Swimming with Dolphins'. The article is about the benefits of live Dolphin Therapy programmes and artificial alternatives.
The article discusses several studies indicating the benefits of dolphin-assisted therapy (DAT) for treating a range of physical and psychological conditions while highlighting a need to focus research on human/dolphin interaction. Also mentioned is the impact of DAT on people and Dolphins, as per the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) report. Among the topics discussed are artificial methods of providing pragmatic Dolphin Assisted Therapy such as the audio visual media facility of the Dolphin Dome .
You can read the full article in the attached PDF.
For further information on the Pediatric Nursing Journal please visit 

Click here to read the attached article

16th October 2011

The Dolphin Dome comes to Scotland.

The Dolphin Dome is now located at Fairview Special Needs School in Perth. Further to the 18 months of independent testing and trials already undertaken with the Dolphin Dome, Fairview School will be carrying out an accredited research program into Artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy using the Dolphin Dome and the Magic Glasses as the test models. This program will begin when the School returns from thier October break on the 24th of October
Fairview is a modern state of the art special school that caters for children and young people between the ages of 2-18 with severe & complex additional support needs. The school is located in the grounds between Perth Academy & Viewlands Primary School and is part of the wider campus, with the vision of creating an inclusive campus.
If you would like to find out more about Fairview School and their use of the Dolphin Dome then visit www.fairview.pkc.sch.uk or contact them on Email - Headteacher@fairview.pkc.sch.uk or Tel: 01738 473050.

September 2011
Cerebra's Newsbeat Magazine publishes article on the Dolphin Dome on Page 9 of the Autumn 2011 edition. To read the arcticle please visit


May 2011

Dolphin Dome in East Yorkshire Spire Bupa Hospital

Spire Hull & East Riding has a long history of Paediatric services treating children over the age of 3 with surgical procedures and diagnostic investigations. Recently the Autism and Asperger syndrome service (HERADS) has been launched; this is a Consultant Child Psychiatry led service. Introduction of this service has led to more enquires about other non surgical or diagnostic treatments. Claire Stockton of Echoes Foundation approached the hospital with the Dolphin Dome option which members of her charity were interested in participating in a clinical trial.
Dolphin Assisted Therapy has been used over the last 50 years to assist in the symptomatic & emotional treatment of children and adults with various physical, mental & neurological conditions as well as, clinical depressive & emotional disorders such as stress related illness.
The concept behind Dolphin Assisted Therapy is that patients benefit from interactions with Dolphins, this usually take place in a pool or tank enclosure with captive wild or captive born dolphins. It does not offer a cure but it can help alleviate some symptoms associated with these conditions thus assist in their healing process. Even if this healing effect is only symptomatic, it is still providing a positive role for the life of the client.

It has been shown that interactions with Dolphins both real and imaginary stimulate the mind in many ways. A lifting of the spirit and a calming of the mind is almost universal.
The Dolphin Dome is the world’s first ever Artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module for both children & adults, which has been purposely designed and built for use in health care centres, special needs facilities, schools & doctors surgeries, etc, it can even be used in the home.

The Dolphin Dome is completely dry; it provides artificial Dolphin Therapy through tactile interactions and audio visual media including a film created specifically for therapeutic purpose in an innovative & unique enclosure, allowing the child or adult to escape into the virtual world of the Dolphin without distraction in a pleasant, relaxing, soothing & serene environment. Thus providing children and adults with Dolphin Assisted Therapy sessions at regular intervals for free, a therapy that can now become available to all children and adults on a long term basis, all be it artificially.

Denise Hutchinson Business Development Manager at Spire Hull & East Riding explained “That over the last year the Dolphin Dome carried out its initial trials and evaluation with Frederick Holmes Special Needs School here in Hull, where it proved to be very effective. In August this year it will be going north to Fairview Special Needs School in Perth who along with Dundee University are going to conduct an accredited clinical research program into artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy using the Dolphin Dome as the model.

However, before it goes to Perth, the opportunity to offer this free of charge to our local community and in particular to the Echoes Foundation was very appealing. The Dolphin Dome is being housed in our physiotherapy suite for 2 months and appointments are made by contacting The Echoes Foundation who is managing the use of the unit on Tel: 01482 505589. 

The original concept, architect and development of The Dolphin Dome are solely the work and investment of Paul Obernay of Benthic Pelagic Solutions. Paul Obernay of Benthic Pelagic Solutions as Engineer and Oceanographer has undertaken projects and has provided services and technical solutions in some of the most challenging and remote regions of the world to include the Antarctic. For more information please visit www.benthicpelagic.com 

The Echoes Foundation is an award winning local charity based in Hull whose facilities include a state of the art Sensory room, Alternative Therapy Room, Music Therapy / Tacpac room and parental support services. For more information please visit www.echoesfoundation.co.uk

Spire Healthcare is the second largest private hospital provider in the UK with 37 hospitals (total of 1,935 beds) and over 6,000 UK consultants practicing from our premises.

Spire Healthcare treated almost 1.3 million patients in 2009, of which 87% rated the overall quality of care as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’

Spire Healthcare hospitals invest heavily in systems and processes for infection prevention and control, resulting in exceptionally low rates of MRSA bacteraemia and C difficile infection. Our rates are lower than the rates seen across the NHS as a whole and out-perform the private sector average.

Sustained clinical performance improvements and standards led Spire to win the Best Healthcare Outcomes award at the Independent Healthcare Awards in 2008.  In 2009 Spire Healthcare won the Nursing Practice award at the Independent Healthcare Awards for developing and introducing a programme to enable hospitals to achieve hygiene excellence, as well as introducing surveillance following hip and knee replacement surgery

For more information, please visit: www.spirehealthcare.com

Dolphin Dome gains further attention

Since the release of the Dolphin Dome into the Public domain via Spire Healthcare UK hospital in Anlaby near Hull, it has attracted the attention of both regional news coverage via the BBC Look North television news programme, the Hull Daily Mail newspaper and KCFM 99.8 Radio as well as the attention of various large national and international organisations to include the British Council for Science and the PETA Foundation.
In August, the Dolphin Dome will be going to Fairview Special Needs School in Perth where they will be carrying out an accredited research programme into artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy using the Dolphin Dome as the model.
To find out more about the press and media releases please visit the links of the following websites:
Dolphin Dome gets 5 minutes slot on BBC Regional Television news

30th June 2011

Dolphin Dome Awarded PETA Proggy Award

PETA have recently presented Paul Obernay the Architect of the Dolphin Dome Artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy with a Proggy Award.
PETA are an international Charity, they are the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation.
The Proggy Award is for progress in creating a more Humane world. PETA see the Dolphin Dome as being a technology that allows people with disability and clinical needs to enjoy the benefit of animals therapeutic capacities without restricting any animals freedom and PETA see the Dolphin Dome as making a wonderful contribution to this end.
So now that we have an effective artificial alternative, we now no longer need to keep Dolphins, which are a high order intelligent free spirited, powerful oceanic creature captive for such purposes.
To find out more about PETA and the Proggy Award visit: http://blog.peta.org.uk/2011/07/and-the-proggy-award-goes-to/ and at

Dolphin Dome Makes Headline News
The Dolphin Dome has made headline news in recent weeks featuring in two articles in the Hull Daily Mail
If you wish to read the article please click on the image of each article and it will open up in PDF Format
Dolphin Dome article Tuesday 31st May 2011
Dolphin Dome article Thursday 9th June 2011


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