Mission Statement

The Dolphin Dome is the worlds first ever artificial Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module specifically designed for use in clinics, schools, and special needs centres, playgroups, hospitals and doctors surgeries. It can even be used in the home.

The Dolphin Dome is the brainchild and result of the investment, research, design, engineering & development by Paul Obernay of Benthic Pelagic Solutions. The Dolphin Dome is protected with European Community Registered Design Certification (#001698309-0001/0002) and is currently Patent Pending by the US Patent office.

The Dolphin Dome has been independently tested by Frederick Holmes Special Needs School. Who have found remarkable results from among the students & staff of the school who have used the Dolphin Dome.

It is Paul Obernay's intention that Dolphin Assisted Therapy (all be it artificially) be made globally available to all children and adults who may benefit from it on a regular basis; thus providing to the user long term benefit. Ultimately for free to the user as the Dolphin Dome would form part of the standard equipment used in schools, special needs centres, clinics, doctors' surgeries & hospitals etc.

This would also negate the need to keep live Dolphins who are an intelligent, free spirited Oceanic mammal captive for such purposes.

As such Paul Obernay is offering to provide licence for the volume manufacture of The Dolphin Dome and the licensed use of the therapeutic film Dreaming of Dolphins to a company / companies with the capability for volume manufacture, distribution & retail.






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