Dolphin Dreams by Lynn New

In the film ‘Dreaming of Dolphins’, the introduction to the night time scene is done with the lovely poem titled ‘Dolphin Dreams’ by Lynn New. Given the application of the film and of the Dolphin Dome, once you read the words to the poem you will appreciate just how apt and perfectly suited it is at this point. The poem is read with a beautiful, gentle and heartfelt narration by Kim Hoffmeister.

Dolphin Dreams

Dolphin Friend I hear you
Gently through my sleep
Calling me to swim beside you
Through the ocean deep

Why do I seem to know you
And you to know me too
It seems that I am destined
To swim in sleep with you

Although we are dissimilar
Most things we can't compare
And yet we seem to recognise
The spirit that we share

Let me ride the waves with you
Let me hold on tight
Help me turn my dark waters
Into seas of Light

Although my body's weary
In sleep my spirit's free
And I will dream forever
Of the night I swam with thee





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